This Scene is like an extended family; lots of great personalities in this place.  Sometimes you can be closer to an online crew than in real life.


PHATstar Society []

Running a BBS in the 2020's is like stepping into a time machine, taking a trip back to the 90's where the online community was tight-knit and the sense of connection was strong. It's a reminder of the power of technology to bring people together and facilitate communication, just as relevant today as it was in the past.


grAvY trAIn

The BBS - that joyful minimalistic special place of connectivity and communication. Running my BBS project with the same node number as it had in the 1980s. Over time, if anything the people have gotten better over those years! Check the BBS world out! Yeah!


SPOT BBS and Sponsor of BBSDAY.ORG

The BBSing community is where my roots are from youth and to this modern day- it's been alive, despite the aspects of the Internet; get inspired and transformed by this vintage technology and you'll find yourself in a whole new world.

Jonathan Justvig [cr1mson], LLC.

"I'm new to the BBSing, and already after one year I feel part of the community! The blocky interface brings me back to the days I started... to use computers in the 90s!"



The BBS scene was a place of disovery for me. I made lifelong friends at BBS meets, built technical skills, and experienced one of the coolest moments in the history of computing. It's great to see it's still going strong.



Modems: A Biography

From dial-up telephone modems to digital ISDN modems to broadband modems we will discuss the progress of connectivity

Plain Old Tele Service and VOIP Comms

We will discuss the transition from analog to digital phone connections and discuss how to make phone calls over VOIP ATAs

Echomail Networking: Then and Now

From message transfer to file transfer and from FidoNet to the multitudes of modern day echomail networks still around and active...

Modding BBSes

From PHATstar to Phenom Productions to ACiD to DoRE, we get a round up of all the major players in BBS mods (modifications)

Multi-Relay Inter-BBS Chat System

From humble beginnings to the main chat platform in the BBS scene we will introduce you to present day MRC and mrcX (version 2).

Connecting via the Internet's Telnet/SSH

You can now pick very fast and unsecure connections to very secure and slightly lower performing connections with Telnet and SSH.

Co-Sysops and Mentors in the Scene

From informal mentoring to hand-held coaching from a company with mentoring as its business model; we can guide to to success.

FAQ and Help for Beginners

Is this the first time you have ever heard of BBSes? We can give you a good general overview and start you on the journey of a lifetime that you will cherish and hold dear.

Signing Up to BBSes and BBS Listings

The first steps of connecting to a BBS using SyncTerm, NetRunner, and mTelnet, with links to the's list releases.

Dell 5010 Thin Client BBS Server $175

Dell 5010 Thin Client Mini PC
8 G TimeTech RAM
500 G Samsung SSD
ICZI DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
APD Dell Wyse AC Adapter
SATA Power and Data Cord
64 G PNY USB Flash Drive

ZOTAC ZBOX CI320 BBS Server $255

8 G Silicon Power RAM
1 T Crucial SSD
ICZI 4-Port USB Hub
OwlTree Thermal Pad
Freshly Applied Thermal Paste
HDMI Video Port
4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 Ports

Some of the earnings from the sale of these computers will go directly back into the Bulletin Board System Scene. The money will be divided into paying for this website & go to the infrastructure of the network, hosted by

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