KANSIT.com : Mentoring in The BBS Scene

Why would BBS Day advertise a business in our blog?  Because there is nothing quite like it in the BBS Scene.  This is new ground: a company that goes along side of people who are new to the BBS Scene and offer advice and support to those wanting to get involved in our good hobby.  Instead of offering several specific services to choose from, KANSIT.com offers the service of hiring a professional mentor.  You get one-on-one support by a person who will spend as much time with you as you need and you pay a small fee for personal guidance on your journey to BBS server admin.  Have you ever wanted a friend that you could call up for some help with your BBS?  … a friend who can steer you in the right direction? … someone who you can rely on? … Jonathan Justvig is that guy.  jjustvig@kansit.com .