BBS’es on The Darknet: The Scene in Private

As of late several BBS sysops have offered their BBS services for use on the Darknet.  The Darknet is a trinity of secure and anonymous communications platforms, including TOR (The Onion Router), I2P (The Invisible Internet Project), and Freenet (The Freenet Project).  Only two of these services would work well with The BBS Scene, due to the nature of how data is accessed and stored.  I have heard that they are rather slow to connect to, however exciting knowing that you are on the bleeding edge on computer communications technology.  I2P has recently upgraded its redundancy options to allow for very stable communications through multiple routes.  TOR still seems to be the most popular overall, however.  You can check out these networks on your own at and  Freenet is also available, however as noted above it isn't suited to BBS Server comms.  You can reach Freenet at  It should not be assumed that everything going on in the Darknet is bad; its often the case where people just want to make blogs and such and be able to journal anonymously without having the fear of being harshly judged and ridiculed.  There are most definitely some sites on the Darknet that should not be there at all, end of question, full stop.  They are the minority, however.  Maybe you'd be interested in hosting your BBS on the Darknet.  That would be very cool indeed.  Would it be private or public?  Would it be on the right side of the law or not?  It's definitely something that's interesting to consider.  Don't break the law, whatever you do, as the punishments for crime are severe, and because there is so much good that could be done.