Computer Based Training (CeeBeeTee) Door

We here at The PHATstar Society are building a new door application, this will be something that The Scene has never seen before, and in walks CeeBeeTee—a Computer Based Training BBS Door Application. This will allow you to study for your exams using a modular testing platform. It is modular because you will be able to insert a testing module into the software and have it test you with a True/False and/or Multiple Choice format. This would be a testing engine that will stand by the student, making the student much more familiar with the content required to pass the exam in question. People would be able to make their own Q&A & T/F questions and be able to make a profit off of our work for their modules. In games such as Legend Of the Red Dragon (LORD) the door game really came to its fruition because of its “in game modules” (IGMs). LORD was so popular because of how customizable it was, and indeed still is. Legend Of the Red Dragon is the most popular BBS game ever written and we can take from it some good things to copy. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, we want to find the best of the best software and make something of the same quality. CeeBeeTee will be a game changer in The BBS Scene. There is nothing quite like it. Get ready for this: this is one of our next major projects in The BBS Scene.