The First Computerized Bulletin Board System Goes Live

A new concept of showing content in your web page with more interactive way.Feb 16, 1978

Remote Access BBS

The first massively customizable BBS is released for DOS.  Founded 1989 with the last version published in 2000.

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Renegade BBS

A free underground BBS software package for use by people deep into The Scene.  Still in development in 2023.

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The Terminate BBS Client was Launched

The most advanced BBS terminal client ever made, even up to this present day.  It was written for DOS however, so file transfers file names get truncated.  This can do everything you could possibly imagine.

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The Art Scene Begins

Groups of artistic youth and young adults get involved in making "art packs" to demo their skills in making textmode artwork, literature, and tracked music modules.

View The Dark Domain ACID Artpack ArchiveJune, 1992

The Telnet BBS Guide: The World's Largest BBS Connection Index

This is truly a massive effort.  It has as its goal the indexing of all BBSes still in use on the Internet and Dial-up to this present day.  Though its name has the word Telnet in it, it isn't just restricted to Telnet connections, but RLOGON, TELNET, SSH, and DIAL-UP.  This is a work of art; this archive is truly a gem.

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The World's Most Modifiable BBS Ever

The best BBS software ever developed began its early days in December of 1997, and is going very strong in the modern day Internet-based BBSes.  May we introduce you to Mystic BBS.

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ELEBBS' Clone of RemoteAccess

This is a BBS based on RemoteAccess 2.5x.  Instead of paying around $100 USD for a single node BBS this opens up the world of RemoteAccess BBS is now open and free

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Synchronet Hits The Stage : The World's Competitor to Mystic BBS is Released in Open Source

Among the recent top two BBS server software, Synchronet BBS steps in the gap of retro ANSI-based communications, being the leading competitor to Mystic BBS.

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BBS: The Docuemntary

The first massive effort at documenting the BBS Scene with interviews of people directly active in our Scene.  This is an immensely detailed documentary about the beginnings, good times, and the latter years of The Scene.  It also gives proper respect to all of those sysops who have recently re-opened their boards in our present BBS service revival.

Play Movie in FUll HD2005

sexpots - Telephone to Telnet Gateway

This software enables you to use any BBS as a dial-up BBS.  So Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS) are now a thing again.  This is BBS Server agnostic, allowing anyone with a working modem to dial in to any board that connects users to them with the Telnet protocol.

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fTelnet Web-Baesd BBS Client

This software for offer is completely web-based, not requiring a download of client software.  

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Back To The BBS Documentary Series

This is the most exciting video done about our Scene in almost two decades.  The production quality was very good, and somehow this newcomer to the Scene was able to score interviews with key players in our BBS passion and hobby.

Read MoreDecember 20, 2020's POTS/VOIP/ATA Dial-in Service

" is a public service for dial-up users. It's purpose is to allow users of old, vintage, and outdated hardware to dial in with real modems to real systems."

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The First Celebrated BBS Day

Our Scene website ( debuted last year to much fanfare and nostalgia. We received sponsorship  to help offset the costs of website hosting

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BBS DAY 2024 FEB 16th

It has been a year since we started this project up. We are hoping for prosperity and health for the many people in our Scene, so that we can work together and make good things happen.

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