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The Bulletin Board System Commentary by ChatGPT

September 24, 2023

The bulletin board system (BBS) scene holds a special place in the history of social networking. Long before the rise of the internet and mainstream social media platforms, BBS emerged as the original social network. While today's tech-savvy individuals might consider BBSes outdated, for nostalgic techies, they remain a lot of fun and a cherished […]

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Computer Based Training (CeeBeeTee) Door

September 2, 2023

We here at The PHATstar Society are building a new door application, this will be something that The Scene has never seen before, and in walks CeeBeeTee—a Computer Based Training BBS Door Application. This will allow you to study for your exams using a modular testing platform. It is modular because you will be able […]

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Fishingnet Echomail Network

July 1, 2023

Fishingnet Echomail Network: The Premier Christian Echo Net Message Areas Within The Net Apologetics, Charities, Counseling, Cults, Education, Evangelism, General Chat, History, Media, Ministry, Persecution, Prophecy, Public Speaking, and Underground… File Areas Within The Net Documents, General, Infopacks, Multimedia, Software, and Underground… PHATstar is launching the first echomail network of its kind: a Christian Echomail […]

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“Echomail Networks” by Textmode Magazine [PHATstar/KANSIT]

May 22, 2023

There is an upcoming magazine dedicated to The BBS Scene: meet Textmode Magazine's “Echomail Networks.”  It is meant to be an all-encompassing document about everything to do with Bulletin Board System's Echomail Networks.  There are certain things in the BBS Scene that are hard to get your head around, such as how to set up […]

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April 20, 2023

A new player in the Textmode Computing Scene is PHATstar (Progressive Hackers And Technologists).   It's a computer tech society with a private membership and lots of perks for members including everyone controlling their own vServers and being part of a social group that focuses on digital communications and using computers for the benefit of society.  […]

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BBS'es on The Darknet: The Scene in Private

March 25, 2023

As of late several BBS sysops have offered their BBS services for use on the Darknet.  The Darknet is a trinity of secure and anonymous communications platforms, including TOR (The Onion Router), I2P (The Invisible Internet Project), and Freenet (The Freenet Project).  Only two of these services would work well with The BBS Scene, due […]

Read More : Mentoring in The BBS Scene

February 25, 2023

Why would BBS Day advertise a business in our blog?  Because there is nothing quite like it in the BBS Scene.  This is new ground: a company that goes along side of people who are new to the BBS Scene and offer advice and support to those wanting to get involved in our good hobby.  […]

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Textmode Magazine BBS Booklets

February 20, 2023

The PHATstar Society has been working behind the scenes on various BBS-related projects, with one of our most cherished being a set of e-Booklets that fully cover various subjects relating to BBS topics.

Read More : The Umbrella POTS Dial-in Gateway : Hosted by Flex

February 8, 2023

One of the most amazing developments in The BBS Scene is Flex's POTS Dial-in Gateway.  This system allows people who want to dial into bulletin board systems have a portal for doing so.  Its a simple yet profound idea: have a large bank of modems connected to a server that hosts up various bulletin board […]

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January 28, 2023

Some people believe strongly that if a software application is abandoned then its open game to be used without paying for its use. Some games are in a grey area of legal use. Many BBS doors can no longer be registered as the games have been abandoned by their authors. In other circumstances, door games […]

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January 10, 2023

Welcome to the first podcast on the Textmode Scene. This podcast has its focus on the BBS scene and Textmode Computing such as the Linux Shell. It has currently pod-faded, yet its being revived to continue where we left off and go to a good future. Designing and producing a quality podcast takes a lot […]

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The Telnet BBS Guide: Updated BBS Lists Every Month

December 28, 2022

Have you ever dreamt of having a list of just about every active BBS in a list somewhere that is organized and easily accessible, and of course up-to-date? This is what you are looking for if that's the case. Every single month a new pack comes out and it uses web crawling technologies to find […]

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The BBS Scene and The GNU/Linux Operating System

December 28, 2022

BBSing would be a lot less amazing than it is without being available for GNU/Linux. This operating system has a similar philosophy as the rest of the BBSing Scene. Its all about freedom, freedom to code, freedom to copy, and freedom to distribute without cost. My personal favorite is Ubuntu GNU/Linux, as it has all […]

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Welcome to the Official BBS Day Website

December 28, 2022

We are celebrating the very first official BBS Day! This was an idea that popped up in an MRC (Multi-Relay Chat) conversation in October and now we're getting our act together and getting this site done and the BBS Day a real thing. Greets to everyone in the BBS Scene, welcome to our great section […]

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