Welcome to the first podcast on the Textmode Scene. This podcast has its focus on the BBS scene and Textmode Computing such as the Linux Shell. It has currently pod-faded, yet its being revived to continue where we left off and go to a good future. Designing and producing a quality podcast takes a lot of work, please send warmfuzzy your best wishes and prayers that his chronic fatigue will be lessened or overcome completely

The Telnet BBS Guide: Updated BBS Lists Every Month

Have you ever dreamt of having a list of just about every active BBS in a list somewhere that is organized and easily accessible, and of course up-to-date? This is what you are looking for if that's the case. Every single month a new pack comes out and it uses web crawling technologies to find BBSes that aren't even posted by their sysops to this list. It is the most comprehensive BBS listing of all time. Have fun with this!

The BBS Scene and The GNU/Linux Operating System

BBSing would be a lot less amazing than it is without being available for GNU/Linux. This operating system has a similar philosophy as the rest of the BBSing Scene. Its all about freedom, freedom to code, freedom to copy, and freedom to distribute without cost. My personal favorite is Ubuntu GNU/Linux, as it has all the amazingness of Linux with the support for proprietary device drivers that allow nVidia graphics cards to work without any problems, and allows for proprietary graphics acceleration codes to be used. Really its the best of both worlds: that of freedom and that of commercial/industrial technology.

Welcome to the Official BBS Day Website

We are celebrating the very first official BBS Day! This was an idea that popped up in an MRC (Multi-Relay Chat) conversation in October and now we're getting our act together and getting this site done and the BBS Day a real thing. Greets to everyone in the BBS Scene, welcome to our great section of oldschool networking. We wish you the very best this Christmas season and New Years festivities. Welcome aboard!!