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    Mentoring: A Friend at Your Side

    We offer one-on-one mentoring in all aspects of BBS Administration:
    This includes initial setup (hardware and software), door games, instant messaging, echomail networks, file distro networks, gaming servers, massive modding, custom code, and custom artwork.  We are there for you, at your side, someone who you can message and get a quick response; we work with you to get the results from your board that you really want.  We can even do the hosting of your BBS on our own server cluster.

    We have first-hand experience in most aspects of bulletin board system administration, having control of live echomail networks, several live BBS servers, and even our own BBS Door game, Legion RPG.  We have a niche service of going right by your side and answering your questions quickly and in simple terms.

    Get a mentor... :
    "Bringing Vintage Technology to The Modern World"