Multi-Relay Inter-BBS Chat System

Back in the day instant (live) chat on BBSes was only available internally, meaning that you could live chat with people on the same BBS that you were on, but no further. Now we've got a chat system that spans around one hundred BBSes and is all working very well. It's similar to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but meant for BBSes.

MRC Live Chat: The Quality Social Media

The History of Multi-Relay Chat

Mystic Relay Chat began a few short years ago.  It was forked (adapted) to work on just about any BBS with clients being made for Mystic, Synchronet and CNET.  It started small with about 20 nodes and grew over time to the amazing work of code that it is.  We can often see 110 to 120 BBSes connected to this chat network at the same time, with dozens participating in the chat from amongst those connected systems.

The Popularity of Our New Chat Platform

Any BBS that is worth its salt is connected to MRC; all the main players are online on MRC.  Users want it, even demand it as there is nothing quite like it beyond the near few years.  What I mean is that its new, fancy, shiny, and a greatly desired mod that all sysops should carry if they are able to.  It has been a real game changer in the BBS Scene.  The newer versions of MRC also even use pseudo-cryptography to ensure that you chat is indeed private.  It won't stop a nation-states but it will stop the average Joe out there who wants to snoop.  The current record of users on MRC at the same time is currently at 29 people.  Numbers like this happen during the weekly MeaTuP with the host MeaTLoTioN running the Friday Night MeaTuP, on every Friday, at 20:00 UTC.  This chat can be joined from any BBS that is connected to the MRC network at that time.  It often runs from four to five hours and is a great way to catch up with all of us and meet new and interesting people.


My favourite echomail networks are Sp00knet, FSXnet, TQWnet, Fishingnet, and Agoranet.  To see all